Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML
Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML
Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML
Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML
Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML

Yu Hua Long Teapot 200ML

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Name : Yu Hua Long
Size : 13cm*9cm*8.5cm
Volume : 200 ml
Filter : 7 holes
Material : zhuni
Recommend Tea : rock tea, dan cong, oolong,tie guan yin, green tea

This YuHua Long was made by a potter from Yixing YinchenStudio. This teapot use zhao zhuang zhuni. It’s full-handmade.

The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation. In the design of yixing teapots, dragon is often the theme, and "yu
hua long" is one of the outstanding representative works. In the folk customs of "Carp jumps over the dragon gate " (鲤 鱼跳龙门), it means that be successful in one's official career or make efforts. This teapot combines with Chinese traditional culture and national characteristics Although the design of the "Yu hua long' teapot has long been familiar to people, this teapot also has been changed and innovated by the every artist. The lid of teapot is handmade as cloud, the body is carved dragon and fish. And the whole body is full of sea waves. The handle
is dragon design.


1. After receiving our teaware, please use clear water to wash it inside and outside. Pour high temperature water into the teapot and wait for 15mins. After these steps, your new teapot is ready to use.

2. After use, please keep your teapot clean and dry. Wipe with soft towel.

3. Yixing teapots are fragile articles, please handle with care.

4. Just use water to wash your teaware. NEVER use soap or any chemical detergent.