Peach Teaboat
Peach Teaboat
Peach Teaboat
Peach Teaboat

Peach Teaboat

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Name : Peach Teaboat
Size : 15cm*16cm*3cm
Material : duanni

The teaboat is handmade as the shape of peach. In the middle is peach pit. It looks interesting and vivid.
It's also carved "桃之夭夭,灼灼其华。"that means the peach tree beams so red, how brilliant are its flowers!


1. After receiving our teaware, please use clear water to wash it inside and outside. Pour high temperature water into the teapot and wait for 15mins. After these steps, your new teapot is ready to use.

2. After use, please keep your teapot clean and dry. Wipe with soft towel.

3. Yixing teapots are fragile articles, please handle with care.

4. Just use water to wash your teaware. NEVER use soap or any chemical detergent.