Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML
Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML
Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML
Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML
Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML

Ji Zhi Yixing Teapot 120ML

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Name : Ji Zhi
Size : 8cm*6cm*10cm
Volume : 120 ml
Filter : single hole
Material : Jiang po ni
Recommend Tea : Black tea, old white tea, blacke green tea, puer

The teapot was designed by chen Mansheng(陈曼生),it's one of the Mansheng 18 styles.The name of this teapot Ji Zhi(汲直) referred to the name of a person Ji Yan(汲黯), the Minister of the emperor of the Han Dynasty,he often spoke out directly. He once referred to the emperor of the Han Dynasty as "Your majesty has a lot of desires in his heart, and only implements benevolence and righteousness on the surface".  Mansheng then sprouted the model of Ji Zhi teapot.

Ji Zhi teapot has tube body, short spout, short neck, cut cover, bridge button, ear dropping handle. The teapot is engraved with an inscription "苦而旨,直其体,公孙丞相甘如醴" .苦而旨, refers to bitter tea; 直其体, refers to type of teapot, because its body is a cylinder, straight up and down, quite upright; 公孙丞相, here should refer to Gongsun Hong(公孙弘), Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty. At that time, there was a "straightforward" minister, Ji Yan(汲黯), who was disgusted with the hypocrisy of Gongsun Hong, the prime minister, and admonished Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to be on guard. However, Emperor Wu didn't think so. Gongsun Hong was more proud of it. In the inscription, the word "Ji(汲)" means pun. The inscription is divided into two sections. The words "苦而旨,直其体" are about Ji Yan(汲黯), and the latter section is about Gongsun Hong to see bad or good cannot coexist. The gentleman does not change the section because of the villain. In a comprehensive view, the author regards pain as pleasure. Facing the frustrations and difficulties on the road of life, he still takes a straight path and does not change his nature!


1. After receiving our teaware, please use clear water to wash it inside and outside. Pour high temperature water into the teapot and wait for 15mins. After these steps, your new teapot is ready to use.

2. After use, please keep your teapot clean and dry. Wipe with soft towel.

3. Yixing teapots are fragile articles, please handle with care.

4. Just use water to wash your teaware. NEVER use soap or any chemical detergent.