Half Moon Teapot 100ML
Half Moon Teapot 100ML
Half Moon Teapot 100ML
Half Moon Teapot 100ML
Half Moon Teapot 100ML

Half Moon Teapot 100ML

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Name : Half moon
Size : 8cm*6cm*6cm
Volume : 100 ml
Filter : 7 holes
Material : zhuni
Recommend Tea : rock tea, dan cong, oolong,tie guan yin, green tea

This Pear style was made by a potter from Yixing YinchenStudio. This teapot use xiao mei yao zhuni. It’s full-handmade.
Half - moon teapot is one of "ManSheng style". His "ManSheng eighteen styles teapots" are very popular and famous in History of Chinese Yixing teapot. Chen Mansheng was born in Qing Dynasty and was a famous calligrapher, painter and seal. Chen Mansheng created a unique and mature art style of Yixing teapot by integrating calligraphy, painting and poetry into the craft of making pot. He created a good combination of literary calligraphy, painting, seal cutting with teapot art.
Half - moon shape means that sometimes it's not good to pursue the perfection toughly. Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you.


1. After receiving our teaware, please use clear water to wash it inside and outside. Pour high temperature water into the teapot and wait for 15mins. After these steps, your new teapot is ready to use.

2. After use, please keep your teapot clean and dry. Wipe with soft towel.

3. Yixing teapots are fragile articles, please handle with care.

4. Just use water to wash your teaware. NEVER use soap or any chemical detergent.