Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML
Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML
Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML
Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML
Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML

Bian Deng Yixing Teapot 115ML

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Name : Bian Deng
Size : 8.5cm*7.5cm*6.5cm
Volume : 115 ml
Filter : 7 holes
Material : golden zhuni
Recommend Tea : rock tea, dan cong, oolong,tie guan yin, green tea

This Bian Deng was made by a potter from Yixing YinchenStudio. It's full handmade.  This teapot use golden zhuni. This Golden Zhuni is produced in Huanglongshan, located at the junction of Huanglongshan Zhuni and Lvni. It's paragenic ore of Huanglongshan Zhuni and Lvni.  It is distributed in flake form with a thickness of only a few centimeters. It is very difficult to collect and has very low yield. The clay's price is comparable to gold, and it becomes yellow after firing, so we called it "Golden Zhuni".
The shrinkage rate of Golden Zhuni is high -- about 18%, and the surface outside has Zhuni's typical contraction lines. So it is difficult to handmade. One perfect Golden Zhuni teapot is worth collecting.

Bian deng is based on the Qing Dynasty flat pot shape. The lid of the pot is like a cap, pressed on the mouth of the pot, and the oblate button is like the body of the pot. It is full and mellow, calm and quiet, and the radian is thick and does not lose tension. The big mouth and round body quite good for tea leaf to expend inside of it.


1. After receiving our teaware, please use clear water to wash it inside and outside. Pour high temperature water into the teapot and wait for 15mins. After these steps, your new teapot is ready to use.

2. After use, please keep your teapot clean and dry. Wipe with soft towel.

3. Yixing teapots are fragile articles, please handle with care.

4. Just use water to wash your teaware. NEVER use soap or any chemical detergent.